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For the Home brief, I was asked to capture images that respond to the notion of home through a series of six photographs. I was told to choose any style or type of photography to use to fulfil this brief and bring across the message of home.

I decided to start my approach on this brief with asking myself what the word ‘home’ means to me. I write down the first things that came to mind which included where my family are, then my hometown and England in general. However, I then began to analyse these initial thoughts and pick at why I consider these things to be ‘home’.

Firstly I looked at photographers who focus on the family portraits in their own environment. Hans Eijkelboom’s work stood out a lot to me. Eijkelboom is very much a conceptual photographer, using photography to express himself and he did this in his family portrait work by quite literally putting himself in his work, among different families he barely new in their own family home environments. He knocked on the doors of different peoples houses in the afternoon, a typical time in which the father/man of the house would be at work, and take pictures with the families, however placing himself in a father figure position.


Next, I looked at photographers who went back to their own hometowns and documented the changes they experienced literally, and emotionally. Jimmy Forsyth is an excellent example in his work named ‘Scotswood Road’ in which he revisits his home in Newcastle which is now facing demolitions and redevelopment. Forsyth’s work gave me a lot of inspiration for my own work as my own hometown is currently being redeveloped whilst I am living away at university.

jimmy-forsyth-scotswood-teddy-boys-1957 Jimmy3 street-corner-studio-2-boys-by-jimmy-forsyth-photographic-print-18995-p three-scotswood-road-women-by-jimmy-forsyth-photographic-print-18875-p

My work:

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 19.27.57

The images I took are very heavily influenced by Jimmy Forsyth’s series. For me, home is where my family are, it’s my house back home and it’s my hometown. However, for me a lot more has changed this year besides the move to university here in Lincoln. My family are moving out of the house I’ve lived in my whole life and also, my hometown is going through a big regeneration project in which there are buildings being knocked down and rebuilt. I thought this would be good to document through my images as the images from my hometown link to the changes going on in Lincoln aswell with all the building works happening.




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